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  • Name: Palmon


Palmon is a plant-like creature which has light green skin with purple-tipped claws. She has a pink flower with a yellow center on her head. She has a small tail and small bumps lining her back.


Originally bonded to Mimi Tachikawa, Palmon played a key role in helping the original Odaiba Chosen in defeating several major enemies, including Devimon, Vamdemon, Venom Vamdemon, and the Dark Masters. Her bond to Mimi was broken when her partner passed away and she agreed to bond herself to Naruhito, who was without a partner. Innocent and dependent, Palmon is a bit of a crybaby. She treats Naruhito like a son and loves him dearly.


  • Poison Ivy: Entangles the opponent in ivy laced with a powerful toxin, completely paralyzing them.
  • Plant Shock: Showers the opponent in a wave of leaves.
  • Root Breaker: Drains energy from foe.

Bonded Partner

Naruhito Tachikawa

Evolution Path

Adult Form

  • Name: Togemon


Togemon is a Vegetation Digimon whose name is derived from "Thorn" (棘 Toge), and whose design is derived from the Easter lily cactus. It has the appearance of a gigantic cactus. It can store nutrient data within its body, and can even survive for a long time in the empty desert areas. You usually can't understand at all what it is thinking, even if you can try to discern it from its facial expression, as it spends most of the day staring off into space. However, once Togemon is angered, that expression changes completely, it starts getting violent, and it becomes unable to settle down.


  • チクチクバンバン ("Prickly Bang-bang"): Further hardens the thorns on the end of its arms and bang-bang strikes the opponent.
  • Mach Jab: Closes in at the speed of light to jab the enemy multiple times.
  • Coconuts Punch: Rains hits on a foe like falling coconuts.

Complete Form

  • Name: Lilymon


Lilymon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Easter lily cactus and the lily. It was born from beautifully blooming flower petals. Although it looks like it has an appearance like a human child, it is a Complete Digimon hiding unfathomable power within. Due to its whimsical, tomboyish personality and because it becomes unable to settle down if it starts crying, a great effort is necessary to win it over. However, it also has an aspect that kindly extends its hand to small or weak things. It can fly in the air with the four leaf-like wings growing from its back, and it is said that after Lillymon flies by, a fresh breeze will blow.


  • Frau Cannon: Thrusts both of its arms forward, makes a gun muzzle from the petals on its wrists, and shoots an energy shell.
  • 花の首飾り (Hana no Kubikazari): Zips around an enemy and ties them up with a rope of vines and flowers. This attack can counteract digital viruses and make certain Digimon obey its command.
  • Temptation: Absorbs the enemy's energy with a red aura.
  • Vicious Vine: Stabs an enemy with a vine from the hand, which then sprouts thorns.

Ultimate Form

  • Name: Rosemon


Rosemon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from the rose. It has an appearance like the rose, which is said to be the queen of flowers. It has the form of a beautiful woman, and desires to remain beautiful forever. Its personality is more or less that way, and though it is excessively self-conscious about such things, its true strength does not in fact compare unfavorably with other Megas. It wears on its breast a "Tifaret", a jewel which is engraved with the symbol of love and beauty, that is said to promise it eternal beauty and power.


  • Thorn Whip: Tames a Digimon, no matter how frenzied, with a thorned whip charged with electricity. Those who suffer this technique become Rosemon's slave, body and soul.
  • Roses Rapier: Brings the opponent down using the whip as a rapier.
  • Forbidden Temptation: Beautifully destroys the opponent's data in a shower of innumerable rose petals.
  • Ivy Hug: Entangles the opponent in vines.
  • Rose Velvet: Covers the ground in thorns.
  • Rosy Cradle: Summons a storm of sleep-inducing rose petals.
  • Fascination: Enthralls an opponent and steals its life-force.
  • Beauty Shock: Shocks its opponent with lightning from its left whip.
  • Thorn Shot: Shoots a thorn.
  • Danger Thorn: Shoots thorns at all enemies.

Burst Mode

Rosemon Burst Mode.
  • Name: Rosemon


Rosemon Burst Mode is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Rose. It is a Rosemon that has temporarily reached the limits of its abilities through Burst Digivolution, and wears an aura of love and beauty. It wears a "Tifaret", a jewel engraved with the symbol of love and beauty.


  • Charité: Amplifies the aura of its mantle, gently wraps it around the opponent, and then annihilates them.
  • Aguichantes Lèvres, ("Sexy Lips"): Releases a laser-blowkiss from its lips.
  • Tifaret: Shoots Tifarets at the opponent.